Florida Ski Council Spring Meeting ~ May 30th - June 1st, 2014

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All nine of our Board of Directors and one member were able to represent SCS&TC at the FSC spring meeting this year.  And of course Clair and Laird Quenzler were there.  This was Clair’s last weekend as the President of the FSC after a three year stint in office.  

We talked with Tour Operators and met Mountain Reps from over 20 resorts as we gathered information and picked upcoming destinations for our club and council trips.  

On Friday, many of the group went skeet-shooting.  Mike Kaercher, Scott Kingston and Mike Steininger were our “sharpshooters” and Carla Constantino, Pam Kaercher, Linda O’Niell, Debbie Steininger and Clair were our ladies who were packing heat.  We will not be bragging about how many targets were hit!  There were some very sore shoulders afterward, to the point of bruising.  

One cycling animal, Cal Staubus, went mountain-biking at Santos with a bunch of mountain reps in their 20’s who live out west where there are actual mountains.  They were impressed with his skills being a flat-lander and all.  

Our club was represented on the golf course, tennis courts and volleyball court Saturday afternoon.  The only distinction we brought home was Jeannie’s volleyball team placing 4th out of 4 teams.  Cal’s and Kenton Anz’s teams did not do much better.  

Nevertheless, we had a great weekend and everyone came away with good information having made some new friends from other clubs around the state!

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