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    • Friday, November 12, 2021
    • Saturday, November 20, 2021
    • Iceland - Reykjavik and Vik
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    Incredible Iceland with Northern Lights

    November 12th to 20th, 2021

    It’s Iceland just as you imagined it would be! 

    On our Incredible Iceland tour with round-trip airfare from the U.S., we take you on a journey through the country’s picturesque landscapes, and you may even witness the miracle of the spectacular Aurora Borealis!

    Package Includes:

    • Round trip flights Orlando-Reykjavik, Reykjavik-Orlando**     
      • **Note: Icelandair does not provide meal service on this flight.
      • Flight schedules are subject to change by the airline   
      • Icelandic Air:      

        FI 688  12NOV MCO/KEF           1745 0600+1 

        FI 689  20NOV KEF/MCO           1715 2000      

    • Airline taxes & fuel surcharges
    • Ground Transportation
    • 6 nights accommodations at centrally-located, Scandinavian-style hotels (simple)
      • 5 nights Hilton Hotel Konsulat Reykjavik
      • 1 night Hotel Vik in Mydral
    • Hotel taxes, fees & service charges
    • Hotel portage
    • Arrival transfer
    • Breakfast daily, 4 lunches, 1 brunch and 2 dinners
    • Comprehensive sightseeing per itinerary in modern motor coach
    • Services of experienced English-speaking tour guide throughout
    • Travel Medical Insurance Plan

                *Note:  Sighting cannot be guaranteed, and the scheduled excursion from Reykjavik might be rescheduled locally due to weather conditions in order to maximize the chances of seeing the northern lights.  Optional activity is defined as weather permitting.

    Tour Itinerary:

    Day 0: Friday, November 12, 2021 – DEPART FROM THE US

                You’ll take a nonstop overnight flight to Reykjavik on Icelandair.  You’ll want to eat dinner prior to departure or be prepared to purchase a meal en route since Icelandair does not provide meal service on this flight.  


    While expecting an early arrival, we have included the following:

    • Meet & Greet at Reykjavik Airport with local guide
    • Transfer to Viking Museum for tour and Breakfast
    • City tour of Reykjavik before ending at hotel in late afternoon
    • Northern Lights Observatory in the evening
    After breakfast begin the tour of the city of Reykjavik and the evening will bring us to Aurora Base Camp to See the Northern Lights

    Day 2: Sunday, November 14, 2021 - Borgarfjorður with a visit to the amazing Ice Cave

    Deildartunguhver Hot Springs

    Deildartunguhver is the most powerful hot spring in Europe and is widely known for its rapid flow rate of 180 litres per second. Most of the water used for central heating in the nearby towns Borgarnes and Akranes comes from Deildartunguhver. The hot water pipeline to Akranes is 64 km long, the longest in Iceland and the water is about 78 - 80°C when it reaches Akranes. ​If you take a shower anywhere within a 65 km radius of the spring, you have already bathed in the hot water from this powerful spring. 

    This is a fantastic example of how Icelanders efficiently use the geothermal energy provided to them by nature and is one of the major reasons as to why Iceland has such an excellent reputation for green energy. Most of the hot water in Icelandic homes comes from hot springs such as this one, except in a few places in `colder` remote regions like the West and East Fjords.

    Barnafoss Waterfall

    Barnafoss, or Children's Falls, are not a conventional waterfall but rather a series of rapids bursting out of the surrounding lava plains. The falls are but one more example of the extraordinary and mesmerizing landscape created by ice and fire and have been a protected site since 1987.

    The name, Children's Falls comes from folklore that tells of a widow at a nearby farm that had two sons. One day she went with her entire household to the church at Gilsbakki, north of the river, but both boys stayed behind. But weather still with clear skies and full moon and the earth scintillating in the beautiful frosty winter night was too big a temptation for the two brothers who loved the marvelous nature surrounding their homestead. When the mother returned  the brothers had disappeared. Their footsteps were followed to a natural stone bridge crossing the river a bit upriver from the falls and the brothers were believed to have slipped on the bridge and fallen into the river. Their grieving mother had the bridge destroyed and cast a spell on the waterfall claiming no man would ever cross it and survive. 

    Hraunfossar Waterfalls

    Cold springs of subterranean water seep through the lava and run as tiny waterfalls and rapids into the Hvita River. What is phenomenal about this lava flow is the color of the water or the river. Sometimes its dazzling and turquoise but occasionally you will see it as milky white. Whatever the color is its an impressive scene both worth enjoying or photographing. There is a viewpoint at the car park offering an amazing view over the Hraunfossar and Hvítá river. Hraunfossar are a real treasure and have been protected since 1987.

    Lunch at Hótel Húsafell

    The gourmet restaurant located in Hotel Husafell offers a delicious Nordic menu, influenced as it is by international cuisine, owes its flavour and richness to the high quality of the locally grown produce. 

    In fact, the quality of their seasonal menu may only be surpassed by the breathtaking views.

    Víðgelmir Cave

    Hailed as the mightiest of Iceland`s caves and one of the largest lava caves in the world its diversity and grandeur is unrivalled. Inside Víðgelmir you will see myriads of icicles, stalagmites, stalactites and speleothems and all kinds of very colourful lava formations. Just imagine what unknown natural treasures there are to be found in the depths of the earth. Bones and jewelry from the viking age are a part of archeological remains found in the cave in 1993 and the cave has been preserved since that same year. Víðgelmir lava cave is considered by specialists to be one of the most remarkable caves on earth.

    Cave Exploring

    Take a guided tour into the mighty Víðgelmir lava tube with the aid of our easy-access walkway, and state of the art feature lighting. This is a trip that the whole family can enjoy.

    Caves are often dark, tight and uninviting places; however this is not the case on The Cave Explorer tour! 

    What used to be slow travelled, rugged terrain is now easy and enjoyable. Thanks to our signature walkway caving just became family friendly. Leading from one great hall to the next the path is slightly lit revealing the magical underworld.

    The stunning beauty of Víðgelmir lava cave lies within the amazing colours and rock formations that used to hide in the dark - not anymore! With feature lighting at selected locations this impressive cave can now be enjoyed in all its glory.

    Join our experienced guides and learn about the unique geology and impressive history at Víðgelmir. The Cave Explorer tour offers the very best of caving, the ease, the light and the dark! 

    Day 3: Monday, November 15, 2021 - VIK/Sólheimajökull Glacier/Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss Waterfall

    Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

    Seljalandsfoss is a very unique waterfall that can be fully encircled. The water flows in the river Seljalandsá from Eyjafjallajökull volcano and drops about 65 meters (200ft) over an ancient sea cliff into a pool. There is a footpath behind the waterfall at the bottom of the cliff, but with a thin cascade. Feel the mist on your skin and listen to the roar of the rushing water. Seljalandsfoss is breathtakingly beautiful and pictures of it can be found in numerous books and calendars.

    Skógafoss Waterfall

    Skógafoss is one of the largest and most elegant waterfalls in Iceland. It has a width of 25 meters and the cascade drops 60 meters over a rocky cliff.  Due to the mist and amount of spray the waterfall consistenly produces, a single or double rainbow is normally visible on sunny days, adding to the charm of the waterfall. An ancient folklore tells the tail of Þrasi, the first viking settler in the area, who buried his chest of gold in a cave behind the waterfall. Climb the steep staircase alongside for giddy views or walk to the foot of the falls, shrouded in sheets of mist and rainbows.

    Ice Walking ​on Sólheimajökull

    Sólheimajökull glacier tongue extends from the mighty icecap of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, down to the sandy plains of the Icelandic south coast. On this fun, safe and easy to moderate glacier walk you get to explore the wonderland of ice sculptures, water cauldrons, ridges and deep crevasses and learn about the behavior of glaciers and their impact on nature.

    No technical requirements are needed for the tour as an experienced glacier guide will teach you how to use basic glacier equipment, such as crampons and an ice axe which are provided for all glacier walk tours.

    Lunch at Country Hótel Anna

    This charming restaurant is located in Moldnúpur, under Eyjafjöll (The Island Mountains) between Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. 

    The worker, weaver, traveler, and dairymaid Sigríður Anna Jónsdóttir, born in 1901, developed such strong ties with Moldnúpur that all her life she called herself after the place. It was there that she was raised, playing and working in the traditional countryside way, but also with a good share of culture, reading and conversation. The restaurant, "Anna’s House", was opened in 2001 after remodeling the old farm and stables built in 1926.   

    Country Hótel Anna is the smallest three-star hotel in Iceland. After a day out immersed in the natural wonders of the region it is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a high level of personal service as well as the fantastic food. The restaurant offers everything between coffee and cakes to fancy dinners. The owners pride themselves in serving you the best ingredients from their own farm.

    Two course lunch included. Coffee and tea is included.

    Dinner at Berg Restaurant

    Creativity and inspiration are what drive the chefs at Berg Restaurant, who invite you to sample our delicious Icelandic cuisine made with the freshest local ingredients. In Icelandic, Berg means "mountain," a word that not only symbolizes the powerful forces from which this rugged island-nation was formed but, the also the sentiment their beauty inspires.

    Day 4: Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - Þingvellir National Park/Geysir Hot Springs/Gullfoss Waterfall/FRIÐHEIMAR GEOTHERMAL FARM

    Þingvellir National Park

    Þingvellir is situated on the northern shore of Lake Þingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland. Þingvellir is a remarkable geological phenomenon and the most important historical site in Iceland. It is the site of the worlds oldest parliament founded in the year 930 A.D by the settlers of Iceland. The beautiful Almannagjá canyon that runs through the park is a boundary meeting of two of the earths tectonic plates and the combination of both natural wonder and historical significance makes it inseparable from the fabric of Icelandic national life. The river Öxará traverses the national park and forms Öxarárfoss waterfall at Almannagjá canyon. ​​In 2004 Þingvellir was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

    Geysir Hot Springs

    The spouting hot spring Geysir was claimed to be the biggest one in the world. Its fame spread and other spouting hot springs elsewhere were consequently named Geysir or Geyser. The old Geysir has been mostly dormant for decades, but when it was active, its eruptions reached the height of at least 80 metres. There are spouting hot springs all around the area, such as the ever lively Strokkur, which erupts every three to five minutes.

    Lunch Buffet at Hotel Geysir

    The dining area is on two floors, overlooking the Geysir hot spring area.

    Lunch buffet consists of local food of South Iceland and the restaurant`s aim is to preserve and uphold local traditions in food production in the spirit of the international Slow Food Association and the spirit of local traditions.

    Gullfoss Waterfall

    Witness thousands of tons of icy water thunder majestically down in a double-fall into a deep gorge. Gullfoss waterfall is one of Iceland´s most iconic waterfalls. There is a certain rawness, power, and vastness to Gullfoss which leaves most people who visit feeling quite humble in the face of the raw power of nature. The thundering waterfall can be experienced by the surrounding rocks or from the viewing platform above.


    Friðheimar is a fully sustainable geothermal farm that uses renewable energy sources and geothermal hot water straight from the ground to power and heats their vegetable production. Their biggest produce is tomatoes but Friðheimar is the largest tomato producer in the country and they harvest tomatoes 365 days a year thanks to the everlasting supply of hot water and artificial lighting to keep production up in the dark winters. The farm is famous for their tomato soup and other tomato inspired dishes that use the farm`s produce. We will stop here to have a taste of their work during our lunch break.

    Come and enjoy a unique food experience at our restaurant, with tomatoes growing all around! Tomato soup and fresh-baked bread, as well as other goodies, in a charming environment among the plants. 

    Tomatoes are the theme of Friðheimar cuisine – and that’s not surprising, since four different varieties of tomato are cultivated in the greenhouses, where food is served among the tomato plants. ​A unique food experience – come and enjoy it!

    Day 5: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - Snaefellsnes Penisula

    Join a fascinating full-day excursion to the spectacular Snaefellsnes peninsula, where you’ll see white- and black-sand beaches, bird cliffs, spectacular mountains, volcanic craters and charming fishing villages.  Drive from hotel in Reykjavík to Hótel Búðir for lunch with a stop in Borgarnes. Duration 12-15 hours

    Day 6: Thursday, November 18, 2021 - RING OF FIRE

    Bridge between continents

    Bridge between Europe and North America on Reykjanes Peninsula. The lava-scarred Reykjanes peninsula lies on one of the world`s major plate boundaries, the Mid Atlantic Ridge. According to the continental drift theory the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are continuously drifting apart with great forces under the gaping rifts. As the plates diverge, linear fractures, known as fissures form due to stresses created by the tension that builds up as the plates move away from each other. The Bridge between two continents at Sandvík is a small footbridge over a major fissure which provides clear evidence of the presence of a diverging plate margin. The bridge was built as a symbol for the connection between Europe and North America.


    The tip of Reykjanes, often called Reykjanestá in Icelandic is the most South-western tip of Iceland. You can climb up Valahnjúkur hill and enjoy the view out to sea where you can see Eldey Island and the surrounding area. The scenery is said to be one of the most interesting in Iceland. At that location, The Mid-Atlantic Ridge marks the edges of two diverging plates. The ridge is made of rift sections that are off-set through fracture zones.


    Gunnuhver is a highly active geothermal area of mud pools and steam vents on the southwest part of the Reykjanes Peninsula. Named after an angry female ghost, Gunna, whose spirit was trapped in the hot springs by a priest 400 years ago, the steamy area has an eerie atmosphere and an incredible sulphur vapor. A unique characteristic of Gunnuhver is that the groundwater here is 100% seawater, unlike other geothermal areas on the island. The colorful minerals in the ground provide vibrant hues, but danger is very real with temperatures over 300°C (570°F) so it is important to tread lightly and stick to the trails. Iceland´s largest mud pool resides at Gunnuhver; it is 20 meters (65 ft) wide of violently boiling earth.


    Brimketill is a naturally carved pool created by coastal erosion at the lava coastline close to Grindavík. Like many other sites in Iceland, it has an origin story rooted in folklore. Brimketill was said to be owned and occupied regularly by an ogress named Oddný where she would take her baths. The coast here often gives a raw and extreme view of the relentless power of the wind and currents hammering the Icelandic coast.


    Just a few kilometers south of the Geothermal area Seltún at Krísuvík is a Grænavatn, or "Green Lake". The Lake draws its name from the color, which is due to a high level of sulphur in the water and its depth. Grænavatn is considered by geologists to be one of the most noteworthy geological phenomena of its kind in Iceland. 

    Seltún Hot Springs in Krýsuvík

    Visitors to Seltún will be taken aback by how much the area resembles a lunar landscape. With red, Mars-like gravel and steaming vents, the area is dotted with bubbling pools of mud, fumaroles and hot springs, solfataras and fumaroles that color the surrounding soil in bright yellow, red and green hues. These unique elements to Seltun can be attributed to its location falling in the middle of the fissure zone on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which traverses Iceland diagonally from the south-west to the north-east of the island. You will smell the area long before arrival and once ​you are there it’s like landing on a different planet.

    Kleifarvatn Lake

    Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Situated on the fissure zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge a short distance from the dramatic geothermal area of Seltún, the lake is incredibly deep, 97 meters (318 feet). But its unique feature is that it has no visible surface drainage, which means there are no rivers running to or from it. Thus, the water level only changes with the ground water. Following an earthquake in 2000, a fissure formed at the bottom of the lake that soon began to drain and the lake diminished by 20 percent. Gradually though the fissure refilled and the lake has returned to its previous levels. The tuff stone mountains, reflected in the waters of the lake, give an eerie stillness and one can quite easily understand how folk tales tell of serpent-like monsters dwelling in the depths of the blue darkness. 

    Lunch at Salthúsið in Grindavík

    Salthúsið is a warm two story lodge style restaurant in the small village of Grindavik. 

    The Blue Lagoon

    The Blue Lagoon communicates a world of healing power, wellness and beauty. It´s founded on a unique source of geothermal seawater that originates in Iceland`s extreme environment. A tour to the Blue Lagoon is an energizing experience and will be remembered for a long time.  

    Its unique active ingredients of minerals, silica and blue green algae have been praised for their benefits for the skin. The aquamarine blue colour for which the lagoon is famous, is the result of these active ingredients. A visit to the spa promotes harmony between body, mind and spirit, and enables one to soak away the stress of modern life. 

    Guests also have access to a sauna with a view of the lagoon, a steam bath, a steam bath carved into a lava cave and the Blue Lagoon waterfall for an energizing massage. Guests bathing in the milky waters of the lagoon have easy access to the famous white silica mud, an essential part of the spa experience.

    Dinner at Matarkjallarinn Restaurant

    Food Cellar is a Grill & Cocktail bar, situated in a 230 year old building in the centre of Reykjavík.

    They like to think that Food is for your body and Music is for your soul. The food is in the Icelandic brasserie style of food, elegantly prepared by our skilled and enthusiastic chefs, using Icelandic finest ingredients.

    Come and experience their amazing menus which will take you to heaven and back. The bar has a superb selection of fine cocktails, put together by their outstanding bartenders.

    On weekends there is live dinner music coming from their mahogany grand piano made in 1880 in Vienna by the Bösendorfer Company.  As the evening fades out, the Food Cellar turns into cocktail club with an easy lounge feeling and live music.

    The Food Cellar is an experience that puts Food in your Body and Music in your Soul.

    Day 7: Friday, November 19, 2021 - Reykjavik at Leisure

    Day 8: Saturday, November 20, 2021 - Departure Transfer

    Departure approximately 2.5 - 3 hrs prior to the departing flight. 
    ​A 40 minute drive from your hotel in Reykjavík to Keflavík airport (The Leifur Eiriksson International Airport).


    Hotels and most stores accept major credit cards. However, for “street shopping” you will need local currency (Icelandic kronaISK, some markets may accept U.S. Dollars). Your hotels will also be able to exchange cash to local currency. It is recommended that you bring along cash in small denominations.


    Checked Baggage

    The total size (length + width + height) of a checked bag may not exceed 62 inches (158 cm), including handles and wheels.

    Maximum weight: 50 lbs (23 kg).

    Carry-on Baggage

    Your carry-on bag must fit in the overhead compartment.

    Maximum dimensions (including handles and wheels): 21.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 inches (55 x 40 x 20 cm).

    Maximum weight: 22 lbs (10 kg).

    We recommend that you do not overpack and that you take a variety of casual separates with climate and comfort in mind.

    Trip Price (CASH):

    Double Occupancy - $3,000 Price per person

    Final Price May Be Adjusted due to Airfare and/or Currency Exchange

    Trip Registration:

    Online: Click the Register button above


    $500 per person deposit will reserve your spot.  No space is held without a deposit.


    Initial Deposit: $500 per person

    Payment 1: $1,000 per person: Due by March 1, 2021

    Payment 2: $1,000 per person: Due by May 1, 2021

    Final Payment Due:  Due by July 30, 2021

    Trip Cancellation Penalties:

    Cancellation Penalty Schedule*

    Up to August 13, 2021 = $75 Per Person

    Between August 14th - September 12, 2021 = $425 Per Person

    Between September 13th - September 28th = $1,100 Per Person

    Between September 29th - October 11th = $2,215 Per Person

    After October 11th = NO Refund


    * Plus any other non-refundable charges for airlines, hotels and suppliers


    SCSTC Detailed Trip Cancellation Policy

    Trip Cancellation Insurance is recommended.

    TRIP INSURANCE:  Standard medical is covered in the trip package price. Click for Trip Insurance flyer.

    * PASSPORTS:  Must be valid 6 months BEYOND the date of our return, May 10, 2022.

    Make checks payable to Space Coast Ski & Travel Club and mail with your completed trip application and a copy of your passport picture page to:

    Space Coast Ski & Travel Club
    P.O. Box 372633
    Satellite Beach, FL 32937

    If you have any questions please contact Pam

    Trip Leader:

    Pam Kaercher

    (321) 298-7086

    Email: PAM

    • Saturday, January 22, 2022
    • Saturday, January 29, 2022
    • South Lake Tahoe, CA
    • 4

    Florida Ski Council Trip

    January 22nd - 29th, 2022

    High above the sapphire-blue waters of Lake Tahoe, Heavenly is one of the most unique snow resorts on the planet. Whether you and your friends come to ski and/or board from sunrise to sunset, head out to explore the new craft beer scene, or simply unwind with the people you care about most and enjoy time together, Heavenly has it all.

    The choices are endless. Do you ski California or Nevada? Will it be 34 miles of wide-open, groomed cruisers, 4,800 acres of terrain, 1,600-foot plunges in the double-black diamond canyons or the most outrageous tree skiing in North America? You can make Heavenly your playground when you visit.

    We will be staying at Harvey’s Casino Hotel in the Tahoe Towers, newly remodeled in 2020 in chic, modern decor. Amenities include numerous choices for on-site dining, from casual quick bites to gourmet meals, fitness center, shopping, and casino. Optional activities of Virginia City day trip (see information below) and a possible ski day at Northstar.

    Included on this trip:

    • Round Trip airfare between Orlando and Sacramento
    • Round Trip ground transportation
    • 7 nights lodging at Harvey’s in the Tahoe Towers, Deluxe King or Two Queens
    • $10 food voucher, per person, per day
    • Monday FSC WELCOME DINNER PARTY, cash bar, dancing
    • Thursday DINNER BANQUET, Costume theme party, cash bar, dancing


    • Jan 22: United-Depart: MCO 7:05 am IAH 8:21/9:45 am, Arrive SMF 12:06 pm
    • Jan 29: United-Depart: SMF12:25 pm Den 4:14/5:50 pm. Arrive MCO 11:18 pm

    Trip Pricing:

     $1,540 PER PERSON based on double occupancy (Deluxe King or Deluxe Two Queens)

     Please contact the Trip Leader for Single Supplement prices.

    DISCOUNTED Lift Tickets (Heavenly-Northstar-Kirkwood):

    Adult (19-64), Senior (65-79) and Teen (13-18), and Children (5-12)

    • 3 Days- $316 / $266 / $181
    • 4 Days- $389 / $325 / $225
    • 5 Days- $450 / $374 / $257
    • 6 Days- $510 / $424 / $289

    Heavenly is part of the Epic Pass program

    Epic Passes are available at a discounted rate for 2022, PLUS receive an additional rebate of $15-$75 when purchased through Winter Ski & Sport at www.winterskiandsport.com.

    *MUST be purchased through this site for the additional trip package rebate

    DISCOUNTED Rentals (per day, includes tax):

    • Demo Skis - $50.89
    • Demo SB - $50.89
    • Performance Skis - $42.72
    • Sports Skis - $38.64
    • Sport SB Deck Only - $42.72
    • Junior skis - $24.76
    • Junior SB Deck Only - $24.76

    Optional Virginia City Day Trip, Wednesday, January 26th

    $89 per person, includes: R/T transportation, Trolley Tour, Mine Tour

    Virginia City became one of the richest silver mine towns in the world in 1859.  Today it looks remarkably the same with its wooden sidewalks, restored mansions, mine tours, boot hill & old west saloons. Come step back in time at Virginia City.

    Payment Schedule:

    • $300 deposit with Trip Application
    • $500 due September 15, 2021
    • Balance & Lift Tickets due November 15, 2021
    • Cancellation Policy: Club Standard

    Trip Registration:

    Mail deposit check, made payable to Space Coast Ski & Travel Club and Trip Application to:

    Space Coast Ski & Travel Club

    P.O. Box 372633, Satellite Beach, FL, 32937

    For additional info or to sign up for the trip, please contact the Trip Leader.

    Online registration: Click the Register button above to register and download a SCSTC Trip Application

    • Note: Trip Insurance is recommended. Contact Myra with Travel Protectors (Myra@travelprotectors.com) for quotes. Trip Insurance must be purchased by specific dates so please contact Myra for information.

    Trip Leaders:   


    Trip Leader

    Cal Staubus

    (321) 423-6237

    Email: Cal

    Co - Leader

    Ellen Parda

    (321) 591-4356

    Email: Ellen

    Cancellation Policy

    • Saturday, January 29, 2022
    • Saturday, February 05, 2022
    • Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho
    • 4

    Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho

    January 29 - February 5, 2022

    Looking for singles to room with the same.

    Contact trip leader if interested.

    Why Choose Schweitzer Mountain Resort?

    • 2900 acres of legendary in-bounds terrain - among the largest areas in the United States!
    • Easy access - just 90 miles from Spokane International Airport (GEG) via all-weather roads.
    • 100% Slope-side lodging at the Schweitzer Mountain Resort Village!
    • Common to find untracked groomers like the photo above anytime during the day. No masses of skiers to avoid.
    • Just 11 miles above Sandpoint, Idaho – voted one of the best towns in the West.
    • We had such a wonderful trip on our last visit, we are overdue to go back! Read about it here.

    Skiing Schweitzer is like having your own private mountain. 2900 acres of lift-serviced terrain rank this among the largest resorts in North America.  Lift lines are rare to non-existent and it only gets better from there.  If you can see it, you can ski it!  Home to incredible bowls, chutes, groomed cruisers and some of the best tree skiing in America (over 1200 acres of trees!), Schweitzer offers unmatched terrain and something for everyone.  Want more?  Did you ever want to try back country cat skiing but found it too difficult or expensive to arrange?  At Schweitzer you can travel with the club while also experiencing thousands of acres filled with fresh powder just one lift ride from the lodge.  The cat skiing guide will lead a small group endlessly into every winter aspect you've ever dreamed of: gnarly steep chutes, mellow glades and open fields, glacier-carved, cornice rimmed bowls stacked with powder pillows.  And after skiing up to 14,000 powder filled vertical feet, you ski back to the lodge.  There's no long cat ride home here!!

    Don’t feel like skiing and need a break?  Schweitzer village offers restaurants, shops, massages, snowshoe, nordic center and a tube park to keep you busy. Or take a 25-minute shuttle down to Sandpoint where you can visit the Pend Oreille Winery and Laughing Dog & McDuff’s breweries, wander through the many unique shops or try out some of the local restaurants.

    Schweitzer Mountain Stats and Facts:

    • 300 inches of annual snowfall
    • 2900 acre in-bounds ski area with 2400 foot continuous vertical
    • Top Elevation 6389 feet
    • Lodge Elevation 4700 feet
    • Back Bowl Base Elevation 3960 feet

    Trail Breakdown

    • 15% expert
    • 35% advanced
    • 40% intermediate
    • 10% beginner

    Group accommodation options are either 2 bedroom condominiums or hotel rooms with easy slope-side access.  The European style Selkirk Lodge offers comfortable rooms with either a king or two queen beds, a movie theater, and dining in the Chimney Rock Grill and Mojo Coyote Café. The White Pine Lodge offers deluxe fully furnished condos with full kitchens.  Both lodges have large outdoor hot-tubs, unlimited wireless internet access, in-room coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and access to outdoor heated pool and fitness room.

    Price: per person/double occupancy per bedroom

    • $1,435 for hotel room / single supplement $774
    • $1,660 for 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom condo
    • $371 air credit

    Price Includes:

    • Roundtrip airfare from Orlando to Spokane
    • Ground transportation to/from Schweitzer Mountain with grocery stop
    • 7-nights lodging at Schweitzer Mountain Resort
    • Pre-trip social
    • Resort welcome reception
    • Mid-week group happy hour

    Lift Tickets:

    Those age 80+ ski free. Active Duty Military get the Senior discount rate. Schweitzer is an IKON ski pass resort - ask about IKON purchase discounts available.

    Adult Lift Tickets 
    ages 19-64
    4 day  $364.00
    5 day  $455.00
    6 day  $546.00

    Senior Lift Tickets ages 65-79
    4 day  $355.00
    5 day  $444.00
    6 day  $533.00

    Ski Rental:

    Information coming soon!

    Payment Schedule: (per person)
    • Initial Deposit $300.00 with trip application
    • 2nd Deposit of $700.00 per person due on 11/15/2021
      • Single Supplement due on 11/15/2021
    • Final Payment of all remaining amounts due on 12/01/2021
    • Trip Specific Cancellation Policies: Club Standard

    American Airline flights (subject to change):

    • January 29, 2022:
      • AA2677 MCO/DFW 6:00a/8:00a
      • AA0613 DFW/GEG 8:40a/10:39a
    • February 5, 2022:
      • AA0613 GEG/DFW 12:15p/5:53p

      • AA2186 DFW/MCO 6:35p/10:12p

    Trip Registration:

    Online: Click the Register button above.

    Mail: Send completed trip application and check (payable to Space Coast Ski Club) to:

    Brice Crossley
    290 Coastal Hill Drive
    Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937

    For more information contact the Trip Leader.

    Trip Leader:

    Brice Crossley

    (321) 867-2145

    Email: BRICE

    Trip Application
    Membership Application
    Cancellation Policy

    • Saturday, February 05, 2022
    • Saturday, February 12, 2022
    • Winter Park, CO
    • 11

    Winter Park, Colorado

    February 5-12, 2022

    • 3,081 Skiable Acres
    • Vertical Rise 3,060 ft.
    • Base elevation 9,000 feet, Peak elevation 12,060 feet
    • 8% beginner, 37% intermediate, 52% advanced, 3% expert

    If you're looking for pure skiing value, consider Winter Park. Although it has been one of the lesser known of Colorado's resorts, it is quickly becoming a popular ski destination due to three facts: it's a great bargain, easy to reach, and RECEIVES MORE SNOW EVERY SEASON THAN ANY OF COLORADO'S RESORTS. This translates into even more excellent skiing during your vacation with less travel time and money - a bonus for any vacationer!

    You would never suspect that such an awesome resort as Winter Park lies only 67 miles from Denver. With an average snowfall of six feet per month, its' five interconnected mountains- Winter Park, Mary Jane, Parson Bowl, Vasquez Ridge, and Vasquez Cirque- provide consistently fabulous skiing all season long. Goliath bumps, groomed cruisers, and a special snow park constitute the nearly 3,000 skiable acres that Winter Park offers. So, although it tends to be a more intermediate to advanced skier mountain, there's something for everyone here.

    The towns of Winter Park and neighboring Fraser rest in a beautiful mountain valley just two miles from the mountain. Despite being slightly smaller and more subdued than other resort towns, they still offer many dining and nightlife options. A must in Fraser is a rustic local establishment called Crooked Creek Saloon, while great dining options in Winter Park include The Shed, Wildcreek and Gasthaus Eichler Restaurant. For alternatives to skiing, there is a great tubing hill and a fun go-cart style snowmobiling park, amongst other things.


    The Vintage Hotel is located at the entrance to the Winter Park Ski Area. The Vintage Hotel offers 118 nicely appointed guest rooms, with beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains. The Vintage Hotel is one of Winter Park’s only AAA rated, three diamond property and has been voted as one of Conde Nast Travelers best 50 Ski Resort Hotels. Guest staying at the Vintage Hotel can enjoy the on-site Five Mountain Tavern restaurant and the "Churchill Bar" for a cold beer or hot toddy after a great day exploring Winter Park.


    • Hotel room with 2 queen beds
    • Elevator
    • Sauna
    • Gym/Fitness Center
    • Outdoor Pool
    • Outdoor Hot Tub
    • Daily Maid Service
    • On-Site Washer Dryer
    • Restaurant
    • Free Parking
    • On Resort Shuttle Route
    • 24 Hour Front Desk
    • Room Service
    • Ski Lockers

    Price: per person/double occupancy per bedroom

    • $1,350 for hotel room / single supplement $570
      • estimated price - flights TBD based on individual travel plans
    • $370 air credit (estimated)

    Price Includes:

    • Roundtrip airfare from Orlando to Denver
    • Ground transportation to/from resort lodging with grocery stop
    • 7-nights lodging at The Vintage Hotel
    • Resort baggage handling
    • Pre-trip social
    • $15 Winter Part Resort food voucher
    • Mid-week group happy hour

    Lift Tickets:

    Winter Park is an IKON ski pass resort - ask about IKON purchase discounts available.

    Adult Lift Tickets 
    ages 13+
    4 day $280.00
    5 day $350.00
    6 day $420.00

    Ski Rental:

    Information coming soon!

    Payment Schedule: (per person)
    • Initial Deposit $300.00 with trip application
    • 2nd Deposit of $700.00 per person due on 11/01/2021
      • Single Supplement due on 11/01/2021
    • Final Payment of all remaining amounts due on 12/01/2021
    • Trip Specific Cancellation Policies: Club Standard

    Airline flights (subject to change):

    • TBD once we know individual travel plans

    Trip Registration:

    Online: Click the Register button above.

    Mail: Send completed trip application and check (payable to Space Coast Ski Club) to:

    Brice Crossley
    290 Coastal Hill Drive
    Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937

    For more information contact the Trip Leader.

    Trip Leader:

    Brice Crossley

    (321) 867-2145

    Email: BRICE

    Trip Application
    Membership Application
    Cancellation Policy

    • Saturday, February 12, 2022
    • Saturday, February 19, 2022
    • Taos, NM
    • 8


    Florida Ski Council Trip

    February 12-19, 2022

    Looking for single female to room with same in beautiful 3/3 condo!

    One 2B/2B condo (king/queen bedding) available

    It is an exciting time to be in Taos Ski Valley after being bought by a billionaire a few years back. The resort has been revitalized in every aspect from the mountain to the village. If you have not been there in a while, you will not recognize the place. There are 110 runs to keep you happily skiing or snowboarding as you explore the mountain. You can enjoy trips to the town of Taos to shop, visit art galleries and take in the culture, history, and authentic New Mexican cuisine.

    We will be staying at the beautiful Edelweiss Lodge & Spa.  Amenities include a full service spa, on-site dining at the Blonde Bear Tavern and Cafe Naranja, hot tub & sauna, fitness center, ski valet and boot lockers.  Located at the base of Taos Ski Area, ski in/ski out.  Each condominium is uniquely furnished and has a fully equipped kitchen, living room, dining area, washer/dryer, gas fireplace, TV and high-speed internet.

    Now, let’s talk Ski School. You’re a pretty good skier? We can all get better and use a little skiing tune-up. The Taos Ski School is famous for their Ski Week where you can improve the skills you wish; steeps, bumps, powder or perfecting technique on the groomed runs. A daily 2-hour morning lesson is $250/30-50 participants,$225 for 51-100 and $200 for 100+ participants for the week. Yes, 10 hours of lessons in a small group of the same ski level as you! It is a game changer for anyone who signs up.

    Lift Tickets and discounted ski rentals will be arranged.

    Included on this trip:

    • Round Trip airfare and transportation to/from Albuquerque Airport (30 minute grocery stop)
    • 7 nights lodging at Edelweiss 
    • Monday welcome party, pizza and wine tasting
    • Tuesday mountain lunch
    • Thursday night mexican themed dinner
    • Club event, TBD
    • Snakedance Fleece Vest

    Airfare:  Southwest

              MCO ABQ WN3678 V 12 Feb 22 10:20 12 Feb 22 13:55

           ABQ DAL WN2713 V 19 Feb 22 15:50 19 Feb 22 18:30

            DAL MCO WN2941 V 19 Feb 22 19:45 19 Feb 22 23:05

    Lift Tickets:

    •       Adult /Senior, 65-79/ Teen,Military,First Responder

    3 of 7 Days $296/ $241/ $225

    4 of 7 Days $385/ $315/ $293

    5 of 7 Days $481/ $393/ $367

    6 of 7 Days $577/ $472/ $440

    80+ Skis Free

    Trip Pricing:

     $2715 per person based on 2 people in a 1-bedroom/1-bath condo. 

     $2315 per person based on 4 people in a 2-bedroom/2-bath condo

     $2115 per person based on 6 people in a 3-bedroom/3-bath condo

    Please contact the Trip Leader for Land Only and Single Supplement prices.

    Payment Schedule:

    • $300 deposit with Trip Application
    • $500 due October 15, 2021
    • Balance & Lift Tickets due December 15,2021

    Checks are to be made out to Space Coast Ski & Travel and mailed to:

    P.O. Box 372633, Satellite Beach, FL, 32937

    For additional info or to sign up for the trip, please contact the Trip Leader.



    Cancellation of a Space Coast Ski & Travel Club (SCS&TC) trip at a participant’s discretion may result in cancellation fees to be paid by the cancelling participant. Cancellation of any SCS&TC trip within five months of trip departure date will result in a cancellation fee for each trip participant of $75 plus any other travel, accommodation, or resort penalties that apply at the time of the cancellation. Some SCS&TC trips may have more restrictive cancellation provisions due to the use of charter aircraft, buses, or lodge policies. See the trip description for the amounts and critical dates. Moving your deposit from one trip or package to another does not preclude application of cancellation penalties which may apply to the first trip or package selected at the time of the move. Cancellations shall be made by notification in writing to the trip leader. Final decisions on refunds are to be made by the SCS&TC, Inc., Board of Directors. In the event that a SCS&TC trip is cancelled for any other reason beyond the control of the SCS&TC, Inc., trip participants are subject to a pro-rated sharing of Club costs incurred in cancellation. Trip cancellation insurance is available at a nominal cost. Contact the trip leader for further details. Refund amounts may be subject to credit card fees. See website for additional policies regarding single travelers.

    Trip Insurance:

    Group Travel Insurance Packages - 3 options




    Debbie Steininger

    (321) 693-4442

    Email: debbie@spacecoastskiclub.com


    • Friday, April 29, 2022
    • Thursday, May 12, 2022
    • Helsinki; Tallinn; Riga; Vilnius; Warsaw; & Krakow
    • 2

    Baltic States Land Tour

    Helsinki, Finland  Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

    and Poland

    29 April to 12 May 2022

    14-Days / 13-Nights

    We are now booking international flights.  If you are interested in joining this trip, contact Carla or Jeff soon.

    Only a few spaces remain

                DL 2422          28 APR       MCO    JFK       1140A  /  218P       TH  

                DL   46            28 APR       JFK      AMS       430P  /   600A+     TH/FR 

                DL 9312         29 APR        AMS    HEL        950A  /   110P        FR      (KLM  AIRLINE)

                DL 9631         12 MAY      KRK    AMS        635A  /  840A         TH      (KLM CITYHOPPER)

                DL   47           12MAY       AMS    JFK        1000A   /  1223P       TH              

                DL 1660         12MAY       JFK      MCO        320P  /  612P          TH  

    Flight schedules are subject to change by the airline    

    Land-only Package: Double Occupancy:  $3,350 and 

    Single Occupancy:  $4,495 (Cash Prices)

    For our previously registered travelers with Delta Air E-credit, we can help make your International Baltic States Tour flights. Bookings will be made at current airfare rates at time of reservation

    For new travelers we can help reserve International air or you can arrange your own arrival and departure flight itinerary



    The Baltic States have a complex history and individual culture.  Each country has been influenced by Scandinavians, Germans, Poles and Russians.  To round out our tour, we are starting in Helsinki and will continue into Poland.

    The Baltic countries have a turbulent history but have embraced the modern world moving forward. The medieval castles, old town streets, cobbled stone squares, and church spires have all been spruced up.  In juxtaposition, Tallinn was dubbed ‘party capital of the year’ by the New York Times, Vilnius erected a statue of Frank Zappa and a tradition in Riga is to bungee jump naked! 

    Whether you come for the history, architecture, food or culture, these 5 countries will give you insight to hidden treasures of Europe.  Let’s expand our travels to these lesser known yet extraordinary destinations!  Join us as we start in the sexy city of Helsinki and work our way south visiting highlights of the Baltic States before heading into Poland to Warsaw & Krakow to complete our tour.            



                City tour of Helsinki by bus (3 hours)


                Free day


                Transfer to the ferry port; Ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia


                Panoramic city tour of Tallinn

                Free afternoon


                Visits to Parnu; Tour of Cesis; Visit to Cesis Castle & Gauja Park; Panoramic  

                visit of Sigulda; Visit the Castle of Turaida and the Caves of Gutmanis

    DAY 6 / RIGA

                Visit of Riga Central Market and complete panoramic tour of Riga; Visit’s Saint-

                Peter Church and the Cathedral of Riga; Visit the Art Nouveau district

                Free afternoon


                Departure to Rundale; Visit Rundale Palace and “Hill of Crosses” in Siauliai

                Departure to Kaunas; Panoramic tour of Kaunas and arrival to Vilnius; 


                Panoramic tour of Vilnius; Visit to St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church and the 

                Vilnius University; Tour of Uzupis and a visit to Trakai Island Castle


                Arrival to Warsaw with a complete panoramic tour of Warsaw

    DAY 10 / WARSAW                                                           

                Visit to Lazienki Park & Palace          

                Afternoon free or optional activities

                Optional Tours:  Visit to Willanow Palace or a Chopin Concert


                   Departure to Krakow and visit to Auschwitz

                Arrival to Krakow with free time

    DAY 12 / KRAKOW

                Panoramic city tour of Krakow and visit to Wieliczka Salt Mines

    DAY 13 / KRAKOW

                Free day and Farewell dinner in a local restaurant

    DAY 14 / KRAKOW Transfer to Airport for Departure on 12 May 2022


    What’s included?            

    • 4-Star hotels: 2-night’s stay in Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius & Warsaw; and 3-nights in Krakow
    • 13 Breakfast Buffet Daily; four lunches and five dinners

    • All touring with English-speaking local guides as stated in the detailed itinerary; basic gratuities included
    • Private air conditioned coach for the extended travel days and most day tour
    • Trip medical insurance (trip cancellation coverage is NOT included) 


    Trip Advertised Price:  

       13-night Land-only Tour Package: 

    $3,350 Double Occupancy (Cash)

    $4,495 Single Occupancy (Cash) for a private room each evening

           (Price are based on estimated Euro to US$ exchange rate—rates may vary)  

    You must be a current member of The Space Coast Ski & Travel Club (SCSTC) or an affiliated Florida Ski Council (FSC) Club (a $1 reciprocity fee will be applied) to participate in this trip.

    Payment Schedule:

    SCSTC Deposit:    $500 per person payable with the completed trip application

    First Payment:     $1,500 per person by 1 September 2021

    Final payment:    Trip balance due by 15 December 2021


    Trip Cancellation Penalties:

    The following trip cancellation schedule and penalties will be applied:

    Cancellation Schedule Planned Date Applied Penalty

    Initial deposits fully refundable

    (up to 180 days out)


    179 to 120 days out from tour start

    27 Oct 2021


    120 to 90 days out from departure

    27 Dec 2021


    89 to 60 days out from departure

    27 January 2022


    59 to 30 days out from departure

    27 February 2022


    29 days or less out from departure

    28 March 2022

    No refund

    * Plus any other non-refundable charges for airlines, hotels and suppliers

    SCSTC Detailed Trip Cancellation Policy

    Trip Cancellation Insurance is recommended to protect against these penalties.

    Trip Registration:

    Please complete a SCSTC Trip Application to secure your spot on this trip.  Our trips have been selling out quickly so recommend you send in your application and initial trip deposit soon.

    Each traveler will be required to have a valid passport that expires 6 months or more beyond the completion date of this trip (no earlier than 31 March 2021).  No visas are anticipated for US citizens on this trip.  Please provide a copy of your passport photo page with your completed trip application.

    SCSTC Liability and Hold Harmless Release Agreement

    Make all checks payable to:  Space Coast Ski & Travel Club or SCSTC

        Send Payments To:    Space Coast Ski & Travel Club

    P.O. BOX  372633

    Satellite Beach,  FL  32937

    *To use a credit card, add 3% to all pricing and contact Carla to make payments with PayPal

    Come join your fellow Club travelers on this trip to the historical areas of Eastern Europe.   If you have any questions, please contact our SCSTC Co-Trip Leaders: 

    Carla Constantino:  carla@SpaceCoastSkiClub.com or

    Jeff Koss: jeff@SpaceCoastSkiClub.com





    Jeff Koss

    Email: Jeff



    Carla Constantino

    (321) 749-0418

    Email: Carla


    • Thursday, June 09, 2022
    • Tuesday, June 21, 2022
    • Ireland
    • 0
    Join waitlist

    Magical Ireland Tour

    Opening for 1 male, rooming with same. Contact trip leader

    to register and be added to the trip.  

    June 9 - 21, 2022

    Trip Includes:

    • Round-Trip nonstop airfare from Orlando 

    • Ground transportation in air-conditioned motor coach
    • 16 meals: 11 buffet breakfasts and 5 dinners, plus farewell medieval banquet dinner with wine
    • 11 nights accommodations at first class hotels
      • 2 nights in Dublin
      • 2 nights in Belfast
      • 1 night in Letterkenny
      • 2 nights in Galway
      • 3 nights in Killarney 
      • 1 night in Limerick
    • Tour Highlights: 
      • Trinity College, Merrion Square, Christchurch Cathedral, Guinness Brewery, Castle Ward House & Gardens, Titanic Belfast Experience, Giant’s Causeway, Kylemore Abbey, Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, Blarneys Castle and Woollen Mills, Castleward Estate, Rathbaun Farm with tea/scones

    Optional activities: Golf at Galway Bay Golf Club, handicap may be required (this is optional for golfers in the group and will require an additional fee)


    Trip Price (CASH):

      • Double Occupancy - $3805
      • Single Occupancy - $4405
      • Price per person. Full package only. No Land Only option available.
      • Final Price May Be Adjusted due to Airfare and/or Currency Exchange
      • Club Cancellation Policy

      Trip Registration:

      Online: Click the Register button above

      Mail: Send completed trip application and check (payable to Space Coast Ski and Travel Club) to:

      Space Coast Ski & Travel Club

      P.O. Box 372633

      Satellite Beach, FL 32937

      $300 per person deposit with trip registration, non refundable
      Balance due by January 15, 2021

      Trip Leader:

      Debbie Steininger

      (321) 693-4442

      Email: DEBBIE

      • Wednesday, September 07, 2022
      • Wednesday, September 21, 2022
      • Croatia
      • 0
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      Croatia Tour

      September 7th – 21st, 2022

      The trip is currently full. 

      Please join our waitlist if interested.